Meryl has worked as a Freelance Editor and Journalist for the major magazine publishing houses, including Condé Nast, Bauer, Hearst, and Future. 

She has written for titles such as Red, Marie Claire, Marie Claire South Africa, Grazia, Elle decor, You magazine, Psychologies, Scarlet magazine, Rude magazine, The Guardian, The Independent, Your Healthy Living, Humanitie magazine, The World Class Series and Outdoor Fitness and Adventure magazine. 

Specialising in feature and comment articles, Meryl is known for amusing observation on society and culture essays, love, relationships and sex features, as well as advice on female sexual health and feminist articles - including various national feminist campaigns and projects. She has also written extensively on travel, the arts, food and drink, interiors, lifestyle, design and architecture. Meryl has also undertaken striking and memorable profile interviews with everyone from rock stars and their wives to models and burlesque performers, to captains of industry and environmental leaders and thinkers. 


Meryl was also heavily involved with the hospitality sector during the covid pandemic; as the head lead on the Welsh arm of the national #nomorenoshows campaign, along with partners Find My Dine. The campaign successfully educated the public on the consequences of 'no shows' for restaurateurs; as well as winning optimum media coverage, publicity and support throughout Wales; and significantly reducing the number of no shows - not only in the cities of Wales - but also in the rural and coastal areas, where food and tourism is intrinsically linked. 

Since the pandemic, Meryl has been focusing on local and independent business and works with them to raise awareness of their brand, gain media coverage, engage with customer and client demographics, and promote their services to a wider audience. 

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Meryl Cubley Editor, Journalist, Author, Writer