Meryl Cubley is an Editor, Journalist, Author and Writer with a wealth of industry experience, writing and working for titles and publications such as Red, Marie Claire, Marie Claire South Africa, Grazia, You magazine, Psychologies, Scarlet magazine, Elle decor, Rude magazine, The Guardian, The Independent, Your Healthy Living, Humanitie magazine, The World Class Series, Outdoor Fitness and Adventure magazine, and Taste. blas magazine.


Specialising in feature and comment articles, essays, content marketing, press and PR, covering a range of subjects including feminism and society, lifestyle and culture, art, media and sex, travel, health and wellbeing, outdoor adventuring and interiors.


Meryl is also heavily involved within the hospitality and tourism sector, recently launching the Welsh arm #nomorenoshows campaign, along with partners Find My Dine, which aims to eradicate no shows at reserved tables in restaurants and bars.


Meryl will be accepting a seat on the board of a no-plastics food and utility company in Wales - more important than ever with the recent pandemic and current climate crisis.


As well as interviewing an electic list of public figures from captains of industry for the international B2B market, to much-loved celebrities, authors, scientists, chefs, musicians, models and burlesque performers, Meryl is also a proven author with a number of successful publications, written under her own name or the pseudonym of Sylvia Hadfield. Be sure to look out for her latest cultural travel book on Copenhagen coming out next year. 


To gain futher insight into her facinating career to date, be sure to read her About page.

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Meryl Cubley Editor, Journalist, Author, Writer
Meryl Cubley Editor, Journalist, Author, Writer