Meryl Cubley Editor, Journalist, Author, Writer

Meryl Cubley is an Editor, Journalist, Author and Writer. She has worked as a Freelance Journalist and Editor for over twenty years, writing and working for titles and publications including Red, Marie Claire, Marie Claire South Africa, Grazia, you magazine, Psychologies, Scarlet magazine, Elle decor, Rude magazine, The Guardian, The Independent, Your Healthy Living, Humanitie magazine, The World Class Series, Outdoor Fitness and Adventure magazine, and Taste. blas magazine.

She has specialised mainly in feature and comment articles and essays, covering feminism and society, lifestyle and culture, art, media and sex, travel, health and wellbeing, outdoor adventuring, interiors, and food and drink.

Over the last 15 years, Meryl has interviewed an eclectic list of public figures - always finding a unique quality in those who she talks to, that others don’t always capture. The list ranges from Captains of Industry for the international B2B market, to much-loved celebrities, authors, scientists, chefs, musicians, models and Burlesque performers. Some recognisable names are Sue Bourne, Gabrielle Weston, Jo Wood, Ben Fogle, Cerys Matthews, James Wong, Lisa Butcher, Matthew Pritchard, Tempest Rose and Sally Bee.

Meryl was recently commissioned to write a cultural travel book on Copenhagen - and this title will be coming sometime in 2021. You can find more information about the book here.

It is said that a writer should write about what they know and what they feel - and in Meryl’s case this is certainly true - with recent work focused on adventuring in the great outdoors - writing for Outdoors Adventure Fitness magazine - and her main driving passion - the serious business of finding soulful joy and pleasure through the world of food and drink. As well as interviewing many chefs over the years, and being involved in various projects relating to the hospitality sector and tourism, Meryl recently decided to help the restaurant and hospitality sector by launching the Welsh arm of the #nomorenoshows campaign, along with partners Find My Dine, which aims to eradicate no shows at reserved tables in restaurants and bars. Meryl also helped to set up Welsh culinary magazine, Taste. blas - and as well as being the News Editor - wrote much of the original content.

Since the recession in 2008, continuing economic instability in the publishing sector, and the recent Covid pandemic, Meryl has always thought on her feet - and reinvented herself (hey if it’s good enough for Madonna right) and in the last decade has also taken on work with SME’s, such as Green Decore, an environmentally-sound rug company, where she advises on PR and Press, and promotes the business via guest editorial - such as Elle Decor. The environment is something that Meryl is also passionate about; and she will soon accept a seat on the board of a no-plastics food and utility company in Wales.

Meryl has also appeared on TV; discussing and debating her work, on This Morning, Lorraine and Generation Sex. She has also written erotic fiction, with a witty edge, working under the pseudonym of Sylvia Hadfield; and more information can be found under the ‘Books’ section (book page) although sadly, she no longer receives royalties, despite the commercial success of her titles.

Meryl Cubley Editor, Journalist, Author, Writer
Meryl Cubley Editor, Journalist, Author, Writer